Things You Should Never Do For Love- Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim, Mike Godson

Juliet Ibrahim. Source: Instagram.

Stunning Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim has taken up the responsibility to enlighten women on things they should never do in the process of falling in love with a man.

Concise News gathered that Ibrahim took to her Instagram handle to share some excerpts of a new book written by her, titled “a toast to life” where she shared some past experiences.

Imploring women not to ignore their intuition, she stated that if a man could hurt and abandon his ex-woman, the worse will occur in coming relationships.

Juliet Ibrahim added that it will be safer if women stop the blind competition with each other over a man’s affection.

She wrote “If only she had asked me why I left him. Then again, I did not ask his ex why she walked away.  The gut feeling you have about someone, even when you cannot place your finger on what it is, is important. Do not ignore your intuition.”

“Over here, it is sisters over bros. Never hurt another woman for the love of a man. If he could hurt and abandon her, he will do the same, even worse to you. Women will be safer if we stop the blind competition with each other over a man’s affection. ( Excerpts from #atoasttolife )”

Ibrahim is part of the increasing number of talented actresses currently making waves in this day and age.

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