Secret Graves: Group Reveals Sponsor Of Wall Street Publication

Burial ceremony of soldiers/

The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in 2019 Atiku Abubakar sponsored the Wall Street Journal publication about secret graveyards in the Northeast.

This allegation came from the National Democratic Forum (NDF) in a statement on Thursday

Concise News had reported that the Wall Street Journal in the publication had claimed that the Nigerian Army buried 1000 slain officers in secret graves without the knowledge of their families.

Atiku had condemned the development and called for investigations by the federal government.

However, the NDF berated Atiku for “dramatizing” the report, alleging that the media outlet had been doing “hatchet jobs” for the former Vice President.

It also reminded the Waziri Adamawa that there is no position for the loser of the presidential election.

“His comments, as with his other recent weighing-in on national matters, was further calculated to rubbish Nigeria’s standing in the international community,” the statement partly said.

“It takes a dire level of irresponsibility for someone that once aspired to lead a country to turn around to destroy the reputation of that same country.”

It noted that “It is our sincere hope that the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal concludes its work soon so that Atiku can stop exploiting his defeated candidacy as a prop for seeking relevance in a country that has roundly and resoundingly rejected him.

“Once the judicial challenge to the Presidential Election has been closed and disposed of, Atiku would have lost all claims to being the opposition leader, which would effectively make him liable for any incendiary comments, whether made by himself or on his behalf.

“In the interim, we advise Atiku Abubakar to find productive a job and stop going about parading himself as Nigeria’s parallel president just like the Presidency has warned him.

“A presidential election loser is not a designation so Atiku must know that his newfound pastime is borderline impersonation and can never be an occupation in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world.

“To the extent that his objective of sponsoring the Wall Street Journal report has failed like the previous hatchet jobs the publication did for him, it is pertinent that he approaches them for a refund, especially now that he no longer has access to slush fund from the nation’s treasury.”


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