RUGA: Biafra Group Threatens To Invade North With Deadly Weapons

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As the Federal Government suspends the Rural Grazing Area (RUGA) settlement plan, the Biafra Nations Youth League (BNYL) has threatened to force northerners out of the Southeast and South-south, Concise News reports.

The group said it does not see reasons the northerners would be safe in the East whereas the Easterners were being threatened in the North.

BNYL was reacting to the threats issued by a Coalition of Northern Groups to expel Southerners from the north if the Federal Government did not rescind the suspension of RUGA in 30 days.

Deputy Leader of BNYL and Head of Operations, Biafra Broadcasting Service, BBS, Ebuta Victor Takon in a statement on Saturday, said his group would take appropriate measures to expel northerners, especially the Fulani if Abdul Azeez Suleman and his group did not withdraw their threat.

Takon said his group will make sure that the Biafra youths were armed by every means possible to defend themselves against any attack.

“Only a fool will sit in his house and watch himself killed when he knows what to do,” the group declared.

“I think this time we will not only be on the defensive angle, but we will also invade the north, it is only weak people that wait for their enemies to invade their lands to attack them while they continue to defend.

“We were on the defensive side in 1967-1970 Biafra war, this period we will mobilize to invade the north, it is not a mouth but fact.

“Let them take time to do research about us, we are not noise makers, those who are from towns close to the creeks in the Niger Delta and Bakassi Peninsula will attest to the fact that we are never noisemakers.

“They want to see what we are made up of and we will gladly show them.
We could be very dangerous even as we are non-violent.”

He stated reasons the group had not reacted to Fulani attacks.

“Some of our elders are cowards.

“They want until the battle reaches their doorstep, none is encouraging a counter attack but now they have seen it.

“The truth is that our people are harmless, they take us for a ride because community youths do not have weapons to operate.

“Fulani killers target the grassroots, and most Pro Biafra movement is not focused on grassroots to checkmate herdsmen.

“That is why it appears difficult to engage them unless a well-organized counter-attack will be carried out against them.

“They thought we lack arms, we don’t. What the sponsors of these Fulani invaders do not know is that it is easier for us to acquire arms that are deadlier than theirs if we decide to follow the pattern of creek militants.

“This Fulani menace is not ordinary, they are being sponsored by high profiles in the north to conquer the South.

“If care is not taken they will succeed, but not in our generation unless generation yet unborn will allow that.

“It is time our people sit up, support those who are about to die in defence of our land.”

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