How Romantic Role Dissolved My Relationship – Nollywood Actress Olaide Adeyiga

Nollywood actress Olaide Adeyiga has made some revelations about how her last relationship ended as a result of a romantic role she played in a movie.

Stating how her inability to limit herself while taking up a role has led to the end of the love affair, Adeyiga said: “I tried to make him understand that it was my job. When I am doing my job, I don’t limit myself. We shouldn’t involve emotions in this.”

“He met me as an actor, but he didn’t understand my job. The movie wasn’t even out yet; he only saw a short preview clip and he told me I should have turned down the role.”

The actress said her relationship just ended without her ex-boyfriend telling her formally that he was no longer interested.

Speaking on the claims that ‘sugar daddies’ sponsor female producers, Adeyiga said her own case was different as it had never happened to her, even though there are men in the industry who wants to get into her pants.

She added that she was still single and waiting for that man that would trust her enough to understand her when she takes such roles.

Adeyiga joined the movie industry in 2013, starting with English movies, after which she joined the Yoruba angle in May last year, following advice that the area would boost her stardom.

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