MURIC Tells Buhari What To Do To End Kidnappings

MURIC Tells Buhari What To Do To End Kidnappings

Buhari: image courtesy State House

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to order security agencies in Nigeria to eliminate all known kidnappers’ camps and hideouts.

Director of the group, Prof. Isha Akintola, in his Eid-el-fitri message on Tuesday, said that security agencies should take the battle to the kidnappers.

He also urged government to introduce welfare packages for the poor as a mitigating factor to checking these societal ills.

He said, “We surrender to kidnappers and pay ransom so easily.

“We are aware that our security men have not been able to storm the kidnappers’ camps for fear that they may kill some of the victims, not because they are afraid of the kidnappers.

“But that is when the objective is to rescue the victims. They must now be given a different order. Their new task must be to use every legitimate means to stop further kidnappings.”

He also said that Nigerians should be prepared to make sacrifices.

“Unless we do this, the kidnappers will continue to pick us one after the other and make us pay through our noses until virtual every Nigerian has fallen victim,” he said.

“It is certain that some of the kidnapped victims may be killed while some will be rescued if the kidnappers’ dens are raided. But we just have to face this grim possibility.

“It is a war situation and casualties are expected on both sides. This is the sacrifice we have to make in order to liberate ourselves. Freedom is never free it comes with a price.

“It is a time for political leaders to come together and act like a single body of responsible and patriotic citizens. The blame game must stop.”

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