Romantic Gifts To Give Your Loved Ones On Valentine’s Day


Are you not tired of giving the same valentine gift every year? Why don’t you take a step forward beyond given the regular gift such as candy, flowers, chocolates, berries and cards. This year, give the special woman in your life a unique gift made just for her or the special man in your life an awesome valentine gift.

You can browse Concise News selections of Unique Valentine gift for 2019 which you can personalise.

Most times it is good to use monograms, photos, personal history, addiction and many other letters and words to create a unique gift. Personality comes in here as some people like romantic items while others prefer sensual ones.

This will help you choose the gift she would love. Remember, Valentine’s Day is a special day for you to treat your lovers in the most romantic way which will not end by sending text messages alone. Gifts can make them feel truly loved and appreciated.

You can do so much better than a card this February 14.  There’s something for everyone in our ultimate valentine gift guide.

Gifts You Can Give Your Wife or Girlfriend On Valentine’s Day

Listed below are preferable gifts you can present to your woman, wife or princess on Valentine’s Day to make her feel loved and happy.

    1. Make up bags

    All ladies want to look good for their man. Therefore, if you consider buying her a make-up bag, it will definitely send a signal and she will strive more to look good for you. She can go as far as slipping this smooch-covered cosmetic bag inside her purse for touch-ups on the go.

  1. Custom handwriting bracelet

This type of gift presented on Valentine’s Day is always romantic and breathtaking. It will be very cute if you write it yourself and have your handwriting gilded in gold/silver either with her’s or your name on it.

  1. 3. Multiple Initial Bar Necklace

Cute bracelets engraved with her name, a special date or coordinates will definitely put a smile on her face. Your name can also be inclusive. Her name, date of birth your first kiss, in short, the date of your wedding anniversary can also be included on the multiple necklace.

  1. 4. What I Love About Us- By Me

You can get this book and fill the blanks, telling her all the cute things you love about her. Impress her with your massage skills, increase your intimacy and closeness.

Leather Photo Album for couples

With this gift you can keep all your favourite memories with her in one place as a signal of your love for her. The heart-shaped cover makes this photo book a very romantic gift.


Personalised scrabble frame or board games for couples

Some board games are created, especially for couples, to improve their relationships while playing. If you are more into challenging mysteries, there are non-competitive board games with exciting stories to experience together.

Scented candles gift set

This is a double gift in one when the candle is finished. You can fill it with boiling water. Sit and see how it unleashes its potentials because the vessels become sweet succulent planters.

Customised pendant necklace

A personalised or customised touch on a necklaces goes a long way when it comes to gifts for her on Valentine’s Day. This simple initial on a dainty gold necklace/silver will make her swoon.

Teddy bear

For ladies who love teddy so much, they will surely appreciate this beautiful gift. They will surely hug it and think of you. It is one of the best gifts to consider as a valentine gift because virtually all females like it.


To make the Valentine’s Day more sensual, present your queen a beautiful and loving bouquet. Even if you both agreed to keep it on a low key, you can still surprise her with flowers to win the husband of the year.

Matching ring for couples

No matter if the ring you are given her is a promise ring or just a romantic one, it would  give her the feeling of being connected with you and her love for you will spring up.

Scratch off World Map

Tell her that you want to travel the world together. She will find this super romantic because it means you are planning your future with her. Give her this map so she can scratch off all the countries you have visited and thick the ones you are hoping to visit soon.

Cosmopolitan sunglasses

Some ladies are sunglasses freaks. If your woman also loves sunglasses, you can use this opportunity to get her a unique one as a valentine gift. Better still, get a couple of sunshades for both of you in preparedness for a trip to a beach or a resort centre.

Copper cheese board and utensils

For a wife that loves to host friends and loved ones, this is the best choice for a valentine gift because it will certainly melt her heart. This cheese board collection comes with all you need for a killer charcuterie spread (just add cheese and wine!).

Waffle Robes

A sexy light pink waffle robe will be so romantic for your lady. This kind of sexy gift will be nice as a valentine gift to your lovable wife.

Picnic and beyond willow gardening basket

Arm your gardener with tools packaged up in a wicker basket for stylish safekeeping. This will be a nice gift to your wife, most especially those that love a neat environment.

Wicker picnic basket

This type can be presented as a valentine gift to a wife that loves going to picnic during holidays. Wicker picnic baskets are used as food carrier to family picnic, get-together or family occasion.

Food puns wooden spoon

This type of funny and romantic gift can be presented to a foodie wife to brighten her day on a valentine evening. Anytime she sees the wooden spoon, she is likely to smile.

Yoga Paint

This sexy beautiful paints called Yoga is the dream of every lady, and your wife may also want to have a pinch of it. Why don’t you present it to her so that she can rock it on Valentine’s Day evening with you?

Over night foot care kit

Some ladies also like this. They treasure it more than anything in the world. If your wife does, too, you can equally get it for her to put a smile on her face.

Valentine’s Day is a significant day dedicated to celebrating the person you love, but who says that person has to be your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or fiancee? If you ask me, I will say Valentine’s Day celebration can be celebrated with all your loved ones without tilting towards the aforementioned.

Your friends and colleague are also part of the people you can celebrate that unique day with without prejudice. Whether you are single or not, you should take a note from now on and start putting smile on everyone’s face on this special day of the season.

This means going out for a special brunch, dinner, or whatever with your friends and colleagues at work and of course, buying each other gifts will be a brilliant idea and I’m certain that the memory will linger for a very long time.

Funny, Unique Valentine Gift You Can Give Your Best Friend

If you are single, celebrating Valentine’s Day with your best friend is a great way to get through the holiday without wanting to eat an entire box of chocolate by yourself in one sitting. If you  are in a relationship, it’s just a no-pressure way to have fun with your bestie.

This year, buy gifts to show each other how important your friendship really is. Your best friend deserves funny wine glasses, addictive cookbooks (bet you can guess which one!), and Golden Girls prayer candles. She puts up with you and your shenanigans, after all!  Whether you want something small or something bigger, we’ve got you covered.

However, who says Valentine’s Day has to be all sweet and sappy? Romantic gifts aren’t always called for on Valentine’s Day. So if you are shopping for someone with a sense of humour, a quirky novelty gift can be a much more enjoyable option.


A WINE TO-GO CUP: This is something cute you can get with a bottle of wine, or on its own. These little guys are great for games in the winter, or picnics and the beach in the summer. Plus, the pink top makes it appropriate during holidays.

A FUN MUG: You can put a smile on your best friend’s face by giving him a fun mug as a valentine gift; because who doesn’t want to be reminded of how flawless they are every time they drink their coffee?


A BUSINESS CARD HOLDER: This is a perfect gift if your best friend just got a new job. It’s charming, but still professional. Very few people are going to actually buy themselves a designer business card holder. So do it for him/her.

SMELLING BEAUTY PRODUCTS:  Surprise your friend with a sampling of hand creams that smell wonderfully. I’m sure they are going to like it.

BATH BOMB GIFT SET: Who doesn’t love relaxing with a bath bomb? This luxurious gift set has six options for your best friend to choose from, they all smell amazing. It will be a nice gift option.

FACIAL SPONGE: Surprise your best friend by given her facial sponge this Valentine’s Day. All Natural French Pink Clay Facial Sponge is designed specifically for “dehydrated or fatigued” skin and is great for exfoliating. Plus, it will last two to three months!

 EXTRA CHARGER CORD: This Happy Plugs cable will charge most Apple products, and will help keep your friend organised because of its colourful cables different from other Apple charger. It’s also pretty long, and the packaging is so cute. Everyone could always use a spare charging cable, especially since the Apple ones always do that weird splitting thing.

MONOGRAM BOWL SET: Every blogger out there has one of those monogrammed mugs from Anthropologie. So do something different with these monogrammed ring bowls. They’re so pretty, and they are the perfect decoration for her room.

SONGBIRD READING TABLE LAMP: This is probably something your friend won’t buy herself, but they will earnestly appreciate it if you get them this lovely gift on Valentine’s Day. With three levels of light intensity and a high-quality speaker, this reading table lamp is perfect for a day spent cuddling up with a book. Oh yeah, and it’s cute, too.

A STATEMENT NECKLACE: This pretty statement necklace is fit for the holiday. Jewelry is always appropriated on Valentine’s Day, and who says it has to be from a guy?! Trust me, if you give it to your friend on Valentine’s Day, he will forever adore you.

A SASSY SHIRT: If you and your best friend are into spinning class, you can’t go wrong with this cute tank top. It’s the perfect play on one of the best Mean Girls quotes of all time. Get one for yourself too so you guys can match during your next class.

HUMONGOUS HEART: No one can say you don’t have a big heart this Valentine’s Day. This humongous heart plush toy is made to look like a real human heart. Fortunately, it’s soft and cuddly and with a big cute grin; so your val is sure to love it.

MAGIC FROG TO PRINCE: If you know someone who is still looking for her Prince Charming, give her a funny gift that serves as a reminder that she is still out there. All she needs to do is add water to the Magic Frog to Prince kit, and soon the frog will turn into a prince!

CRANKY CUPID TOY: Not everyone enjoys Valentine’s Day. Get your grumpy friend a grumpy gift to hang out with for the day. The grumpy Cupid toy is on strike for the romantic holiday, donning an angry face and spouting anti-love messages. It’s a cute gift that will add some laughter to your friend’s day.

LOVE SANDWICH BAGS: Seal-able sandwich bags that are adorned with lipstick kisses will definitely put a smile on a friend’s face because it is a fun way to brighten your sweetie’s lunch on Valentine’s Day.

LIL’ SMOOCHERS CINNAMON CANDY: Pucker up for Valentine’s Day with a pack of cinnamon flavoured candies. The Lil’ Smoochers are lip-shaped candies that come in a lip-shaped tin. It’s a perfect gift for a humorous Valentine’s Day.

I LOVE YOU FROM THE TOP TO BOTTOM TOILET PAPER: This Valentine’s Day gift is as romantic as it is hilarious. A roll of real toilet paper is printed with the words “I Love you from Top to Bottom” in red, with heart decorations to match. This gift is sure to be a big hit with your valentine.

VALENTINE TIC TAC TOE: Play a fun game of tic-tac-toe and make it a Valentine at the same time with this cool card. Playing games with the object of your affection is a great way to create the foundation that can blossom into love. I know every friend will appreciate this good gesture.

TELL IT AS IT IS VALENTINE: Here are some funny valentines stuffs to let friend’s down easily, or to razz them a bit. We have dubbed them tell it as it is valentine because you are basically being real and not just covering your feelings over with love and hearts.

Valentine Gift You Can Give Your Colleague/Co-worker

Valentine’s Day celebration ought to extend to our colleagues at work, although getting gift for our colleagues might be pretty difficult because we hardly know each other independently. But, yet, we can still get a nice gift that will put smile on someone’s face during this global celebration of love.

Don’t stress yourself unnecessarily, Concise News has put together a guide for buying gifts for anyone that you may have in mind. So whether you need gifts for a male colleague or gifts for a female one, checkout our gift ideas listed below.

Beer Brief Case: Does your co-worker enjoy happy hour more than everything else in the world? This gift will be office-appropriate for such a person, but is probably more appropriate for hanging out at a friend’s house on a Friday night. (Unless your office is super, super casual.) That colleague will surely appreciate it.

Book/Metal Bookend: If you are certainly sure that your colleague will love it, you can go ahead and present it to him/her this amazing bookends on Valentine’s Day. I’m certainly sure that your colleague will continue to appreciate you based on this choice you made on his/her behalf.

Sticky Note: A sticky note will be a good gift anyone can give in a work environment because everyone will want to have a bite of it. If you notice any of your colleagues who likes to discuss war stories, this sticky notes will be a go.

Pour Overboard Mug: If you want to stick to traditional V-Day colours, this mug might be perfect for your coffee-loving work friend. Obviously, they’ll be dreaming of sailing far, far away from the office when they use it.

Outfitter Cocktail Glasses:  If you and your work best friend are like peanut butter and jelly, these cute cocktail glasses from Urban Outfitters might be perfect. Note that these can be seen as either romantic or friendly, but definitely showcase the connection that you have with each other.

Toasty Wireless Hand Warmer: I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t appreciate a gift like this. It’s a known fact that offices often get cold, and it’s especially cold on Valentine’s Day. These cute mitts will allow your co-worker to keep on typing, regardless of the temperature.

Sonic Meeting Disrupter: If you have a colleague at work that pranks with you, this sonic meeting disrupter might be a fun little gift. It will be even better if you guys work in a very large office, so that you have more people to blame once it goes off.

Flower Bouquet: If you notice that your colleague at work adores flowers, then get him/her that gift on Valentine’s Day to celebrate the bond you guys have shared over the years?

Books: If you know of any staff in your organisation that is bookworm, you can make the person’s day by gifting him or her a motivational, inspirational or even historical book on a Valentine’s Day morning. I’m sure the fellow will forever appreciate it.

Colour Changing Coffee Mug: The mug is just plain black in colour when it’s cold. This magical mug will change and reveal your design only when filled with a hot liquid. Just add your coffee or tea, and watch your images come to life in a vibrant colour. This type of gift will be nice for that person that can not do without coffee everyday in the office.

Cubicle Guest Book: This is a great gift for your co-workers, most especially those people that are hardly ever in their cubicle or someone who is never free to make conversation. Let them know of your humble visit through this guest book. Prompt them some information upon their return through this fun book which could become their offline keepsake very soon.

Imagination Paperweight: If you are looking for the perfect gift for the most creative and imaginative staff on your team, gift them this paperweight that has a beautiful quote by Einstein inscribed on it. Inspire the genius in them and decorate their desk/cubicle with this graceful paperweight with the wise words of Albert Einstein.

Cowgirl Cookies: Do you have a co-worker that is fond of baking? Or co-workers who can’t keep their hands away from cookies? The latter question would include the entire office I suppose! Gift this dainty jar of cowgirl cookies to them and help them bake an exquisite batch of fresh cookies which they can share with you and their kids and family at home. The perfect idea for a holiday Christmas gift for co-workers!

Desktop Dogs: Does he or she dotes on dogs and animals in general? You can gift your colleague the perfect combo of 3 magnetic desktop dogs to spark up his or her mood. Be it fetching a bundle of post-its or sticking with those paper clips they keep losing or holding pens in place, these dogs are the perfect gifts for your co-workers as they can place them on their tables.

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