Atiku’s Script: An Insight To How He Might Wrestle Power From Buhari (2biia)

Atiku’s Script: An Insight To How He Might Wrestle Power From Buhari (2biia)

Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar in handshakes with President Muhammadu Buhari. Source: Twitter.



“It shows that the President performed extremely well in History as he bagged “A1” while English Literature was his poorest subject with “P7”.Below are the grades…English Language –  C6, English Literature – P7, History – A1, Geography – C6, Hausa – C6 Health Science – C6.”


“Be all brawn and no brain(s). To have great power or physical strength but lack mental acuity or intelligence.“

Brawn in fighting ability by courage and will power, brain is thinking capacity, that shapes the courage and will to fight. Capacity not ability is the bottom line.

Going by the inscription on President Truman’s table, “the buck stops here”, should the strategic planning buk for the 2019 election stop on Buhari’s table as it should, the quality of his thinking, may just work against him, for his brawl ability is more efficient than his brain capacity.


The clear refusal of the IG of police to take orders from Buhari, his Commander-in-Chief and worse; Buhari’s indifference to his insubordination and the general drift in the ruling party of Buhari, is the clear testimony of BRAWL=BRAWN-BRAIN.

The “battle order” of priorities for victory, require brain before brawn, which means the quality of the quantity of thinking must precede and be superior to the action of brawn, for brawn not to disintegrate into a brawl!  The effectiveness and efficiently of brain, must always be over the capacity, effectiveness and efficiently of brawn (no matter how good brawn is). Field marshal Erich von Manstein, made that clear point in WWII, by producing the thinking that led to Germany’s defeating France within 7 weeks!


There is no doubting the fact that Buhari is a man of distinguished “brawn”, fired by his high courage levels as a soldier.

Max Siollun on the 7th-8th page of his Cassava Republic Press Book he titled: “Soldiers of Fortune Nigerian politics under Buhari and Babangida (1983-1993)” captured the brawn in Buhari this way, when he was the General officer Commanding the Third Armoured Division in Jos, whose geographical spread covered the North East.

“Buhari was in charge of troops sent to Nigeria’s north-eastern border region in 1983 to prevent infiltration by armed rebels from the neighbouring republic of Chad. After his troops successfully cleared the Chadian rebels from the border area, the troops advanced several kilometers into Chadian territory. The political hierarchy ordered Buhari to withdraw his troops, but he refused, arguing that the Chadian rebels would return to the area as soon as his troops departed. Buhari’s view was that it was futile to risk the lives of soldiers by confronting the rebels, only to withdraw and allow them to return once the objective had been achieved. Buhari was finally persuaded to withdraw after President Shagari enlisted Buhari’s superior officers Lt. Generals Jalo and Wushishi to order him to pull back.”


……and Muhammadu reproduced Muhammadu; the account of “Power of Powers” or  Buhari the product of “Power of powers”

“Power of powers” was the nickname of Muhammadu Ribadu, Nigeria’s first defense Minister. “Ribadu took over the Ministry of Defense as the country became independent in 1960…..His colleagues often refer to him as “power of powers”. He completed the Nigerianisation of the Nigerian Army. He is credited as one of the most outstanding Defence Ministers Nigeria ever had. On May 1, 1965, he was to be honoured…..with gold medals of the Usmamiya order in Kaduna. He died on the morning of that day at the age of 55. No doubt, Alhaji Ribadu was a towering figure. A giant among men. He was in all but name, the deputy Prime Minister…….Ribadu’s official residence was later part of the Dodan Barracks, the official residence of Nigerian military rulers from 1967 to 1991“

He was the power under whom powers like Buhari and Abacha, and Dimka men of brawn but low brains were conscripted into the army, no thanks to Ribadu’s policy of “quota and lowering of educational entrance standards” as we saw in ATIKU’S SCRIPT Part 2bi.

By a strange coincidence, Ribadu passed on at 55, on May 1, 1965, Abacha, passed on in June , a month latter at 54, in 1998, a year younger, 33 years after Ribadu, who was a year older than Abacha in death. The pioneering defence minister (a position Abacha himself held) died  the very day he was to be honoured with the Usmamiya order in Kaduna, a gold medal, just the way Abacha passed on, on the eve of his transition to a civilian president. Ribadu was the “Power of powers”, and one of the powers he powered into power, was the power, was the brutal replica of General Thomas Power!


General Thomas S. Power, was the, Commander-in-Chief of the Strategic Air Command, the custodian of the United States nuclear arsenal in the 60s. He was a man of brains and brawn sadly, the trio of Buhari, Abacha and Dimka’s , only resemblance with the man was in their brawn!

Writing on the Strategic Air Command, Lloyd Mallan on the first two pages of his 246, (1964 Prentice-Hall published book) on the Strategic Air Command, he titled: “Peace is a Three-Edged Sword” the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvanian born American captured of the state and the status of SAC of the 60s, this way:

“Today, about 85 to 90 per cent of the Free World’s nuclear firepower lies within the mixed force of manned jet bombers and unmanned missiles of SAC.” That was in the 60s.

Ribadu’s big three powers of brawn without brains were Abacha, and Buhari all three men were beneficiaries of Ribadu’s recruitment policy that……”shifted the goalposts, and lowered …. educational bar for officer admission….Among the officers who enlisted after the introduction of the quota and lowering of educational entrance standards were B. S. Dimka and S. Abacha.” as Max Siollun, put it on the 29th page of another book (his New York published, 2009, Algora,  book) he titled: “Oil, Politics and Violence Nigeria’s Military Coup Culture 1966-1976”.

All three men, were recruited in the early 60s. The most senior by date of commission was Lt. Buhari, who was recruited in 1962 and commissioned in January 1963. After his January 1963 recruitment:

“Buka Suka Dimka was commissioned, as a Second-Lieutenant from the Australian Army Officer Cadet School, Portsea, into the Nigerian Army on December 13, 1963. “

The authors; Jeremy Isaacs and Taylor Downing, on the 232 page of their 1998, Bantam press published book, the “cold war”, captured Thomas Power’s cold words of brawn with lots of brains, when he snapped at the idea of a nuclear war with Russia, this way:

“Restraint? Why are you so concerned with saving their lives? The whole idea is to kill the bastards. At the end of the war if there are two Americans and one Russian left alive, we win”

Professor William Kaufmann’s response to Power’s assertion that only two Americans would remain at the end of a nuclear war was that one would be a man and the other a woman. Wikipedia put it this way:

“Professor William Kaufmann from the RAND Corporation, losing his patience, noted: “Well, you’d better make sure that they’re a man and a woman.” At that point, Power stalked out of the room. The briefing was over.”

“The RAND Corporation is a research organization that develops solutions to public policy challenges to help make communities throughout the world safer and more secure, healthier and more prosperous.”

On its part, Wikipedia States:

“RAND Corporation (“Research ANd Development”) is an American nonprofit global policy think tank  created in 1948 by Douglas Aircraft Company to offer research and analysis to the United States Armed Forces. It is financed by the U.S. government and private endowment, corporations,  universities and private individuals.”

Such was the brutal mindset of General Power’s brawn that his “Why are you so concerned with saving their lives” seemed to be Abacha’s “brainless brawn full” slogan with respect to Ken Saro Wiwa and the Ogoni struggle, brutally captured by Coloniel Okutimu, an Abacha loyalist.

On the 147th page of his well documented expose of Nigeria, Major General M. C. Alli (the nation’s 12th Chief of Army Staff; counting from Lt. Col J. R. Akahan) in his 2001 Malthouse Press publication, he titled, “The Federal Republic of Nigerian Army The Siege of a Nation”, wrote:

“Thanks to the likes of colonel Paul Okutimu who boasted of “one thousand ways of killing’ the Ogoni people. The situation that climaxed in the times of General Sani Abacha, the scourge of the Ogonis. The nation never had it so bad, not even during the civil war years had government and leadership been so impervious to reason, equity and justice in a multi-tribal Nigeria with diverse needs and aspirations.”

In this context, Abacha’s weightier brawn over brain, like Buhari, was the function of their mutually low IQ, no thanks to Muhammadu Ribadu’s visa waiver that “shifted the goalposts, and lowered …. educational bar for officer admission” .Buhari’s low IQ of brawn over brain is twofold:

1 His call to anarchy when he said:

“Rule of law must be subject to the supremacy of the nation’s security and national interest.”

2 His blood of dogs and baboon hate speech.

“God willing, by 2015, something will happen. They either conduct a free and fair election or they go a very disgraceful way. “If what happened in 2011 (alleged rigging) should again happen in 2015, by the grace of God, the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood.’”

By contrast, while General Power, the Commander-in-Chief of the world’s deadliest strategic command in the 60′ was at the tail end of his career ( he went into retirement on November 30, 1964), another set of young officers were setting out on their career paths with his brawn, but without his brains!

With the end of the cold war (in 1991) along with the arms race,  the disintegration of the USSR, the end of bipolarity and the emergence of the United States as the unipolar power, the Strategic Air Command was disbanded on the 1st of June 1992, led to the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces treaty (INF).

“Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces treaty (INF), which banned ground-launch nuclear missiles with ranges from 500km to 5,500km….. led to nearly 2,700 short- and medium-range missiles being eliminated, and an end to a dangerous standoff between US Pershing and cruise missiles and Soviet SS-20 missiles in Europe”

With Trump’s decision to end the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces treaty (INF), signed 1987 between Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan, will the SAC be revived by General James Mattis, the tough Defense secretary of the United States, known as “Mad Dog”! The man of brains and brawn, who once said:

“Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.”

Isaacs and  Downing, had more to say, about General Thomas Power. In a caption on the 233rd page of the same book, they wrote:

“…… Power was so tough that even Curtis LeMay, his predecessor as SAC commander, was worried about him”

For the benefit of history, and to understand the strength of will, that carried Power”s brawn, based on his brain, Alfonso Narvaez, wrote this on General Curtis LeMay, in the New York Times of October, 2, 1990:

“Gen Curtis E. LeMay, the former air force chief of staff who was an architect of strategic air power….. General LeMay, who directed the air assult over Japan in the final days of World War II and relayed the presidential order to drop nuclear bombs, years later wrote that a solution to the Vietnam war, might be to bomb North Vietnam “back into the Stone age”

If LeMay with his equally brutal record in World War 2, could express reservations about the level of brutality by Power, the man that took over the command of the Strategic Air Command from him, Buhari’s “dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood.” is no fluke! The crack down on Shi’ites, is a clear demonstration of the brawn in the man, Buhari! When the fact of the high handed crackdown, in the face of other alternatives is viewed, within the context of Shi’ites votes, that helped to give Buhari victory over Jonathan and the PDP is 2015, Buhari may just have shot himself in the foot, from the rifle of his low IQ!

Kingsley Omonobi & Joseph Erunke reported the following for the Vanguard:

“It was gathered that the Shi’ites started pelting the soldiers with stones, resulting in the latter responding with gunshots. Some of the sect members were said to have been killed, while several others sustained injuries.”

What Admiral Nimitz, was to the US World War II Navy, Eisenhower (later president after Truman) was to the army in War II, LeMay was to the United States, WWII army air force!!

In was LeMay who spoke about “bombing North Vietnam “back into the Stone age”, that was concerned about General Power’s level of burality, those concerns about brutality levels, found real expression, far away in Africa, many years latter in three men; Buhari, Abacha and Dimka, men of brawn without the Brains of LeMay, Power and “Mad Dog” Mattis.

Abacha, Buhari and Dimka were principal beneficiaries of a policy that disregarded brains, that policy was the “quota and lowering of educational entrance standards”, making both, men of more brawn than brains, like Dimka, who ordered Murtala’s point blank assassination!

The difference between brawn and brain in Buhari’s planning for his re-election, is his principal enemy; his low quality brains in the face of his ” dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood.” The conquest of brain over brawn, in Buhari’s mind,  just might be Atiku’s joker to turn the tables of defeated on Buhari.


An opinion piece by Amaso Jack. Jack is a political strategist and analyst, he lectures at Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Lagos State.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and not of Concise News.

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