BBNaija 2018: Possible Future Of Romantic Pairs

Bambam, Teddy A, romance

Bambam and Teddy A. Source: Instagram.

Just-concluded Big Brother Naija show did not only come with lots of intriguing moment, as anticipated, it attracted viewers with romance.

The reality show, which started on January 22, came to an end on Sunday, April 22 with fans favourite Miracle emerging the winner.

Many fans were glued to their screens for three good months for the romance, tension, quarrels and tasks in the house, but the question now is what’s next?

Miracle and Nina

Predictions on the romance between the winner, Miracle, and his first strategic partner, Nina, about how their love may flourish have flooded social media.

While some viewers speculate that their love would be stronger, others do not see it that way.

Miracle, Nina and Mina

Mina. Source: Twitter.

For possible reasons, some say Nina had a boyfriend prior to the show but took on a “situationship” with Miracle because she was ”confused.”

But during Sunday’s last live show for the season, Nina’s relationship with Miracle remained the same even after the show.

When the host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, asked about the fate of her boyfriend, Collins, the light-skinned beauty confidently said, “We will decide that in Nigeria.”

Leo and Alex

Although they visibly struggled to shrug off their emotion and play blind to the need of having a companion, these housemates gave up to love.

Leo got evicted when he was paired with Ifu Ennada and this made “his” Alex cry like a widow.

Alex, Leo

Alex and Leo. Source: Instagram.

Alex, who during the final days of the show had the option of picking a partner in Tobi, was blind, deaf and dumb to Tobi’s advances and was confident that Leo would call her after the show.

Meanwhile, Leo had said days after his eviction that he was in a serious relationship.

Where does this leave Tobi?

Tobi and Cee-C

This appeared to have ended the day it started, perhaps not.

Cee-C and Tobi had a perfect relationship till Tobi decided that he couldn’t be with a lady who calls the shots and bosses over him.

Tobi and Cee-c

Tobi and Cee-c. Source: Instagram.

He felt crippled by her frequent demands for respect which many viewers felt he had overfed her with but like a glutton in need for more, she still had a big hunger for it, so they drifted.

Week in, week out, they fought, changed friends and moving on was even more tedious to them than their focus on the N45 million grand prize but they moved on still.

While Cee-C had at some point taken responsibility for her failed relationship with Tobi, she said she could never be friends again with him.

Bambam and Teddy A

These two are not only famous for their singing and acting talents, which they displayed during the show, they were known for their mastery of bedroom and toilet skills in the house.

Romance surely has a strange way of hitting two completely distinct people like Bambam, a ‘churchy‘ lady, and Teddy-A, who proudly calls himself a bad boy, but it came and they embraced it.

Although they lost their main desire to win the prize, they earned more love from their teeming fans.


Bambam and Teddy A. Source: Instagram.

They have hinted to continue with their romance and fans are hopeful they will seal it with solemnisation.

Anto and Lolu

Being the bond of two highly intellectuals, housemates felt threatened by their romance but this didn’t last long.

For the purpose of the show, viewers wanted more than witty responses to random questions in the house. What viewers looked out for were solid controversies interesting to discuss and entertainment which they lacked.

Many fans lamented that the beautiful couple were boring to watch and may only give 5 minutes of something interesting to discuss after a whole day together.

Lolu, Anto

Team Loto. Source: Twitter.

Well, Anto and Lolu enjoyed what many deemed boring till Anto’s first eviction when she found out some ”truth” about him in the real world.

Returning to the house, Anto changed towards Lolu and some fans began calling her names. They eventually made up and have told fans they were working towards dating outside the show. Several fans, however, wonder how long it would take the pair to work towards dating?

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