Calling A Spade A Spade



‘What the heck is this?’ Ifeanyi fumed under the steering as he narrowly escaped bumping into an obstruction along the bumpy un-tarred road.

No sooner had the bespectacled man alighted from his car than two rough-looking young men waylaid him.

‘Mr. Man, can you please identify yourself?’ the spokesman of the gang began, running his eyes all over the man’s brand-new Jeep.

Ifeanyi pulled off his dark spectacles and smiled.

‘You were still toddlers the last time I visited this village. Well, for your information, my name is Ifeanyi Okereke, and I’m going to Mazi Ikechukwu’s compound.

The young men quickly conferred amongst themselves, while Ifeanyi dangled his car key impatiently waiting for their tête-à-tête to be over.

‘Anything for the boys?’ the spokesman of the gang scratched his head.

Without mincing words, Ifeanyi dipped his hands into his pocket and showered them with some new Naira notes.

And as the boys scrambled upon the Naira notes, Ifeanyi watched in delight the impact his little gift has on the boys. No doubt, money could melt even the heart made of steel.

‘Come and remove this rubbish on the way!’ Ifeanyi commanded, ‘I have a very crucial mission to attend to.’


‘Almighty God, I thank you for remembering my daughter after all these years!’ Ogochukwu spread her arms upwards in the attitude of appreciation.

‘Mama, I can’t believe this is happening to me!’ Nneka exclaimed at the array of gifts from her numerous suitors. ‘After all the humiliation and wagging tongues from our neighbours …’ she paused at the sound of a car which drove into their family house.

Mother and daughter both rushed outside to see who it was.

Ifeanyi alighted from the car and strolled in majestically as though he had no care in the world.

Nneka suddenly burst into tears when she saw her estranged husband while her mother stared at the man like a piece of garbage.

‘What again do you want from my family?’ Ogochukwu ranted as Ifeanyi drew closer, ‘Do you want to entirely wreck my daughter’s life?’ she fired in quick succession.

‘Mama, please chill,’ Ifeanyi replied casually.

‘You too, chill!’ Ogochukwu, snapped, ‘You and your entire family are going to chill while still alive!’

‘Ifeanyi, what do you want from me?’ Nneka, uttered in between sobs, ‘after all these years, why should it be now that I’m about to remarry …’

The uproar attracted the attention of some of the family members amongst whom is Mazi Ikechukwu, Nneka’s uncle.

‘Please, hear me out first,’ Ifeanyi pleaded, ‘as he knelt before Nneka, ‘Nne, please forgive me. To say I’ve really offended you is an understatement. Please forgive me for everything I’ve done…’

‘Ifeanyi, stop beating about the bush,’ Mazi Ikechukwu interrupted, ‘call a spade, a spade, confess your misdeeds.’

‘Yes, confess your sins!’ other family members concurred.

‘Confess my sins? I can’t,’ the adamant Ifeanyi shook his head.’

‘Then, don’t expect forgiveness from any of us,’ Mazi Ikechukwu fumed, ‘I can’t allow you to break my niece’s heart the second time!’

‘For your information, Ifeanyi, we know everything,’ Ogochukwu added, ‘your friend, Maduka had already confessed to us. But we want to hear from the horse’s mouth.’

‘What’s all this fuss about confession?’ Ifeanyi flared up, ‘after all, there is no one here that is a saint! I’ve asked for your forgiveness; what else do you want from me?’

‘Ifeanyi, call a spade, a spade!’ Mazi Ikechukwu insisted, ‘why not borrow a leaf from Maduka, by confessing your sins?’

Final Remarks: Hmmm, that’s just by the way.

In a similar fashion to Ifeanyi vs Nneka episode, the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), had raised objections to the plea of forgiveness from the National Chairman of the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to the public. APC claims that the opposition should follow the example of one of its leaders and former Deputy Senate President, Senator Ibrahim Mantu, who confessed of how he had helped the PDP to rig elections in the past. Will PDP come out openly and confess its sins against Nigeria and Nigerians like Mantu? Get blow-by-blow account of this drama here -> PDP/MantuConfessions.

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