‘People Have Always Called Me Rudeboy,’ Paul Okoye

Paul Okoye

Rude Boy Psquare. Source: Instagram.

Paul Okoye, half of defunct Psquare music band has opened up on the adoption of his now famous stage name, Rudeboy.

The singer also revealed that the split of his brother from their group, Psquare was a total shock to him but he eventually moved on two months later.

In a chat with The Nations, Paul said that he adopted the name Rudeboy when they released their “Busy Body” hit off their 2007 album titled “Game Over”.

“People have always called me Rudeboy since the days of “Busy Body,” he said.

Peter Okoye, his twin brother who is now famous as Mr P, left the band in 2017. According to Peter, he left the band because they always undermined his level of creativity.

He also said he was no longer interested in working with their older brother, Jude.

On this, Paul revealed that it was not the first time they would be splitting as a group but the first time it will be permanent.

The “Fire Fire” singer, whose song is still making waves said in the past, it took him nine months to move on, but this time around, he did so in two months.

“I never left and I don’t know why people keep asking me that,” he said.

“It might be the fourth time it’s happening but I always wait. But this time the difference is that I did not wait. So I don’t have issues on that,” he added.

He explained that reasons for his breakdown is because he wasn’t accustomed to performing alone, since he didn’t start like that.

Paul said, “There was a bit of a breakdown when it happened and everyone [was] in shock because usually when things happen like that, I wait for almost nine months.

“But this time, I had to move on with my life and under two months, it became normal for me. It’s the same old thing. There’s nothing new. The only part I know is different is performing alone because at the early stage I wasn’t used to it but now, I am used to it.”

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