Lege Miami Looking For Cheap Popularity – Lanre Gentry

Lanre Gentry

Mercy Aigbe and Lanre Gentry. Photo credit: Instagram

By Rashidat Akashat

Embattled husband of Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe, Lanre Gentry, has reacted to Lege Miami’s allegations that he is threatening his life.

According to the actress’s husband who is also an hotelier, Lege Miami, an acclaimed movie producer is only seeking cheap publicity.

Speaking with PUNCH’s Saturday Beats, Lanre Gentry said that Lege Miami was arrested by the Nigerian police but later released after some people pleaded on his behalf.

His words:

“The State Criminal Investigation Department picked the young man up and arrested him yesterday. I made a complaint against him for defaming my name and men of the Nigeria police went to pick him up because I do not know him. I have never even seen him before yesterday.

“They later released him yesterday after a lot of people trooped in to beg on his behalf. However, before he was released, he was asked to write an undertaking that he would never try such a thing again. I don’t know him from Adam. My wife is a very gentle person and she remains my wife.

“She is not a troublesome person neither is she promiscuous. I have never accused my wife of cheating on me and we have never had a fight over her faithfulness to our marriage. The only little misunderstanding we had was over the issue that I gave her money to cook for me but she did not do so. That was what caused our misunderstanding.

“The guy in question is just looking for cheap popularity and it led to his arrest. He has already written an undertaking to refrain from tarnishing my image. Initially, they wanted to lock him up and charge him to court for defamation of character but people really pleaded on his behalf so I had to be lenient and asked them to let him go after he wrote the undertaking. I have no quarrels with my wife.”

Few weeks back, it was reported that one Lege Miami took to his Instagram page to beg Lanre Gentry not to kill him, adding that he is not in any relationship with his wife.

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Rashidat Akashat aka Nekola is a Graduate of Mass Comm from University of Benin. A prolific writer with nose for hot entertainment gists and gossips, Nekola has weakness for fried yam, potato and pepper spiced pomo. She was Entertainment Editor at Concise News.

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