Army Gets Weapon Handling, Map Reading Training

Soldiers in operation    Photo: Sadiq Adamu/BJO/NAN/file

By Victor Ernest 

The Nigerian Army in Abuja on Monday began a five-day competition and general drill for Corporals and rank below.

The drill involves marching manoeuvres, weapons handling, map reading, physical fitness and obstacle crossing.

Speaking during the event, Maj.-Gen John Malu, the Commander of the garrison, said weapons handling and map reading were very vital aspects of soldiering.

He, therefore, charged the soldiers to take the training seriously.

Essence of soldiering

”I enjoin you to particularly take the weapons handling and map reading training very seriously because a soldier who cannot handle his weapon is not a soldier even though he is competent in other trades.

”Our first and foremost concern is to know how to handle the weapons and I expect you to use this period to brush up your weapons handling skill if it has become rusty; same with your map reading ability.

”You should be able to find your position, move from point to point and return to base.

”That is the essence of soldiering,” the commander said.

In the drill on Monday, team D, Army Headquarters Garrison, emerged winner with 538 points, while team C emerged 2nd, with 455.5 points and a combination of teams – A and B- took the third position with 392 points.

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