Barz Threatens To Sue Sugar Boy Over Alleged Song Theft

Sugar Boy

Sugar Boy

By Rashidat Akashat

G-Worldwide music act, Sugar Boy, has been hit with fresh allegations of song theft from Barz as he launches first album titled Maiden today.

Barz claims that he featured the G-worldwide artitse in the ‘Kilamiti’ track in 2016, only to be back-stabbed by Sugar boy who allegedly stole the song from him.

“I have known Sugarboy for almost six years, ” Barz said.

“He was always the happy-go-lucky type, upbeat and seemingly contented. We had good times in the past. Honestly, I’m quite shocked. This same person used to mentor me in a sense back in the days,” Barz explained.

Giving an insight into their relationship, Barz said Sugar Boy produced his first official song under ‘Morenike’ record label featuring Chuddy K.

Explaining how betrayed he felt, Barze said “You don’t just feel you can do something with a song you made with someone and go ahead to drop the exact same thing without reaching out to the person even once.

“Nothing is right about it! The song was released June 2016 and it was met with rave reviews from the fans.”

Court case imminent

The furious artiste said that Sugar Boy’s camp did not respond to them appropriately, hence a court case is imminent.

However, Speaking with Saturday Beats, Sugarboy’s manager, Louisa Williams said they were well informed of the situation and are expecting a court letter from Barz, if he truly has any case.

“When an upcoming artiste is desperate for fame, they release a song they had done with a celebrity years back without being bothered if the celebrity wants to eventually release the song or not.

“We never authorized them to do it, but if he is very sure that we stole his song, their lawyers should write us and they should take the case to court,” she said.

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