House Of Reps To Wade Into FRC Law On Churches, Mosques


Nigeria’s House of Representatives

By Concise News Correspondents 

The controversies blanketing the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria law, which approves 20 years tenure in office for heads of churches and mosques, is expected to be looked into today by the House of Representatives.

Reports say the move to debate the FRC was brought to the floor of the House by its Minority Leader, Leo Ogor.

Ogor was said to have urged members to look into the law, saying it was stirring up controversy and embarrassment for the country.

The House minority leader advised the Nigerian government to make the law clear to Nigerians, as it was not passed by the National Assembly.

In the meantime, the Presiding Bishop of the Sword of the Spirit Ministries, Francis Wale Oke, wants the Federal Government to expunge the edict of the council, The Guardian reports.

Oke was reported to have commended President Muhammadu Buhari for his swift response in stopping the looming crisis by dismissing council’s head as well as reconstituting the board.

He was said to have urged the government to face its duties of providing the needed social amenities for the people instead of dabbling in religious matters.

At a press conference yesterday in Ibadan, the cleric was reported to have said that while government could regulate the finances of the church, it should not interfere in the tenure, activities or internal arrangements of the church.

“The edict should be repealed. There is a separation between the church and the government, yet the government can regulate their finances but not to interfere in the tenure of the leaders of the church. The law should not just be suspended but be expunged totally.

“Even in the United Kingdom, the government regulates the finances but does not regulate the tenure and internal arrangement. The internal arrangement should be governed by the constitutions of those religious houses. The constitution separates the religious bodies from the government, she told The Guardian.

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John Andah is a fine-grained journalist. He has been a member of the fourth estate for a decade. He loves the smell of a good lead, and has a penchant for finding out something nobody else knows. John was Senior Assistant Editor at Concise News.

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