Passengers Stranded As Lufthansa Pilots Begin Strike


Lufthansa airline/Photo: AFP

Agency report

Lufthansa pilots have begun a two-day strike to demand 22 per cent pay increase, the airline confirmed to newsmen.

On Wednesday alone, 876 flights were expected to be cancelled, while emergency flight plan was yet to be drawn up for Thursday’s annulled flights.

Passengers to feel the heat

The airline expects 100,000 passengers to be affected by the strike. This is the 14th by pilots since pay negotiations stalled in 2014.

Vereinigung Cockpit, the pilot’s organisation, announced the strike on Monday. It followed Lufthansa’s failure to stop the action at a court in Frankfurt on Tuesday.

Losses expected

Further more, Germany’s airport association ADV said that it expected damages as a result of the strike to run into millions of dollars.

“This development is not acceptable and disproportionate,’’ Ralph Beisel of ADV told newsmen.

On Tuesday, flight attendants from Lufthansa’s subsidiary Eurowings also stopped work at Hamburg and Dusseldorf airports.

Following the action, over 4,100 passengers have been affected.

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