Group Advocates GPS For Students’ Protection


Group Advocates GPS For Students’ Protection. PHOTO: NAN

The Federal Government has been urged to employ Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to ensure the safety of students.

This push was made by the Emerging Platforms Group, a technology provider, in a statement issued by its Head of Communications Mr Seun Ogunlana.

The group stated that GPS could be used in protection of pilgrims and athletes.

Ogunlana noted that the adoption of the tracking technology by Nigeria would enable it solve problems ranging from real time intelligence gathering, security and safety of citizens.

He further stated that the scope of GPS tracking in the country should go beyond tracking of vehicles of merchandise, but should extend to tracking individuals for safety.

It was used for the 2016 Hajj

The introduction of GPS tracking device for the 2016 Hajj by the HAJJ Commission ensured that all pilgrims were provided with the needed safety tools.

Ogunlana disclosed that the adoption of GPS by the commission was to prevent the re-occurrence of the incident in October, 2015 Hajj where 99 of the 355 Nigerian pilgrims involved in the stampede died, 42 survived with injuries and 214 missing till date.

“The GPS wearable device monitors all pilgrim from a central point; it comes with a panic button which can be used by pilgrims to alert security and medical emergency agencies and also provide their location.

“It’s exciting to know that our brothers and sisters can now be fully accounted for and make secure each time they visit the holy land as a result of NAHCON bold initiative in solving a critical unexpected problem,” he said.

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